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Shelton Benjamin Works WWE Dark Match, News on JBL’s Return, More

– WWE will return to Dallas, Texas for a RAW live event on Saturday, June 25th.

– Dolph Ziggler has been added to WWE’s RAW roster and is now advertised for all upcoming RAW live events.

– Former WWE star Shelton Benjamin defeated Curt Hawkins before tonight’s SmackDown tapings in Houston, Texas in the dark match.

– Apparently WWE had trouble getting in touch with JBL when they came up with the idea to have him return at last night’s RAW. Calls to JBL’s phone went unanswered and WWE officials weren’t sure if he was even in the country.

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  • shawn

    Ukmade, i asked the same question before and got an answer so allow me to pay it foward. its Tiffany.

  • simonmdm

    How about they brought JBL back so him and Cole could be the Raw announcers. I know two heals announcing is a bit unlikely but it could happen.

  • Who’s the blonde bitch in green

  • WB

    They are going to use him for the MitB match, as always.. and it sucks, because it will take heat from ROH because they are in a good feud w/ KoW & The Briscoes.

  • Chuva

    Him and Haas just signed a 1 year deal with ROH, he’s not coming back. Well, I guess Vince can do anything, but… hope he doesn’t. He can actually WRESTLE in ROH, unlike WWWWEEEEEE, so he’s a much better fit there.

  • mark

    Bring him back full time, hes a great wrestler

  • Hunter

    Shelton was always going to return- the release of him was their dumb way of giving him a kick up the azz, and this way when he returns to a pop he might get some momentum going and finally break through in to the upper mid card.

  • CC

    JBL wouldnt do something he didnt want to do, and it served a perfect purpose. How else could they justify Cole having Austin as a ref?
    The fact that they are both from Texas and were both ex-champs made for a perfect set up switch/double switch.
    JBL is the one that decided to walk away from WWE, so they dont get a choice as to put him on commentary as he obviously didnt want to go back to it.

    As for Shelton, is he under contract to ROH?
    Just cause he is working with them does not mean he is contracted.


    And by the way, what was the point of bringing back JBL. WWE must love to humiliate him, but then again he was pretty much one to of the biggest heels of all time so to see him suffer I guess is nice for people that hate him. He his send off retirment match was a 30 second match to mysterio, and his return was stopped by Austin to not only stunner him, but take his job as guess referee. Just put JBL on commentary. He’s good at that for real.


    I really hope that Benjamin will at least have a good chance at being resigned since he worked the dark match. I miss him already. He was really what made the MITB match famous. Y2J invented it, but Benjamin made it become famous and a big hit. He always had a big spot in the match.

  • mj

    He’s not going to return he lives in houston! He’s still under contract with ROH

  • adam

    i mean for christ sake r-truth ya he was good in tna but he is not a top star. Kofi is a good mid carder and could at one time be a main eventer but i still think shelton would be better as a bigger star.

  • adam

    because they have been talking about wanting a african american star they could push and maybe they realize what there missing not having him.

  • nobody

    why hopefully? He comes back…..again and they don’t use him….. again and a year from now we hear he’s released….. again.

  • adam

    so is shelton returning then hopefully.

  • The King of Kings 69

    atleast shelton benjamin aint bitter like his good ol buddy Bitter Bitch Charlie haas