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The Miz Talks About Tough Enough’s Return, Unifying World Titles and More

– WWE Champion The Miz spoke with this week. Here are some highlights:

IGN: What do you think of USA bringing back Tough Enough?

Miz: It’s great, right? I mean, I’m the first, official Tough Enough Champion. It’s nice to see that they’re bringing back that whole thing because that’s what I came from. That’s the show that got me my WWE contract. So, you never know. We might find another future WWE Champion.

IGN: Now that Smackdown is on Syfy, both WWE brands are now in the same NBC Universal family. How do you feel about all the Smackdown stars coming on RAW?

Miz: Yeah, they’re kind of inter-mixing a little bit here and there. Alberto del Rio has been on RAW a little bit. Wade Barrett just went over to Smackdown. So they’re mixing, but they’re still keeping the brand separation. Which is great. And I mean, as far as NBC Universal, you could ask for a better network. With USA and Syfy, you’ve got two great networks putting on great shows.

IGN: Not too long ago, they unified the Tag Team titles? Do you think, somewhere down the line, they should unify the world titles? Or should they remain separate?

Miz: I don’t know. I would love to take on the World Champion, Edge at WrestleMania and combine the titles. I don’t know what they’re going to do. You never know. That’s the best part about WWE. They’re all about shock value. You never know what’s going to happen next.

  • adam

    also matt capotelli would of been a big star had he not gotten hurt. You can have 2 seperate shows and have a unified champ thats what they did for a while right when they seperated the show’s they had one world champ but made the tag us ic as seperate for those shows. I think one title would be cool if they keep it as the world title or bring back the first undisputed belt and do away with cena’s title. Some people may get burried or there might be more going after the title were the champ has to defend against more people. Instead of having the one on one match for the title at every ppv maybe now it will be fatl 4 way’s or a 6 man battle royal.

  • Nicholas G

    Yes Daniel Purder did win Touch Enough but lets face it it was because of the internet fans. Because they had the control of that Touch Enough but it seems like WWE had there eyes on the Miz all along. But also the Miz had to work even harder to get to were he is at today. Daniel as soon as he won Touch Enough many people said he stop working an was hard to work with in the ring. But I believe when Touch Enough returns if they let the Pro run the show an not the internet the wrestler would be better who wins the show. Because I believe the Pros knows more about who is the right guy to become the next big star in the WWE. I mean in NXT season 1 I believe the Pros got it right when the pick Wade Barrett as the winner of that show. Because since he won NXT season 1 his career has sky rocket. Yes he lost to Cena at TLC but for Wade Barrett to be were he was at TLC in the Main Event in a short amount of time he has been in the WWE tells me that Wade Barrett is going to be around for a long time an is going to be World champion very very soon. So I say let the Pro chose who it the rightful guy to win Touch Enough because the internet wrestling fans really don’t have a clue they just go by what they read on the internet. They really don’t know the whole story on what it take to be a WWE superstar. I hate to say it but its true.

    In closing the Miz is not the only person who did not win Touch Enough and become a big star in the WWE. John Morrison is another guy on the raise who did not win Touch Enough but just like the Miz. It seems like the WWE had there eyes on Morrison all along.

  • LVW

    You can’t unify the World titles AND have 2 separate brands.

  • vinny

    If they are going to continue the brand extension (I hope they don’t eventually) they should at least have 1 world champion travel to both shows every week.

  • vinny

    I would love for WWE to unify the world championships already! Enough of this brand extension…

  • Edge-3000

    Why bring back the Cruiserweights WWE is going to bury them. They never pushed the Cruiserweight division before, and they didn’t even push the Light Heavywieghts when they had that title. I think it’s just a waste of time bringing that belt back especially since they really don’t have any cruiserweights thats sitting around anything.

  • Pieman

    If they Unify the Belts how would the Internet’s darling John Morrison ever get a title shot?

  • Dwayne

    Unifying titles will be great in my oppinion, add another midcarter title like Cruiserweight or even Hardcore championship.

  • Soulshroude

    Notice where Daniel Purder is now compared to Miz.

  • Evasion

    By unifying the titles it may bury some midcarders but it’ll bring back some prestige to it. Rather than giving new wrestlers the title to push them they can do that with the US or Intercontinental title therefore developing mid card feuds as well rather than having two or three storylines going on they can have much more. And it’ll give other matches more time on ppvs

  • Zach V

    i think WWE should unify the world titles, its fine keeping the us and ic titles, but it would be nice to see them bring back the cruiserweight title if they do unify the worls titles

  • al

    miz is the first Tough enough conestant to be a world/wwe champion. but he lost to daniel puder in tough enough 😛

  • CC

    @Venom. They used to only have one title for years, and lots of people fighting for it. Its only cause their are two titles now that nobody really gets a chance to shine.

  • Wellsy

    Unified World Title Tournament at WrestleMania:

    Miz (c) vs CM Punk (Elimination Chamber winner) to open WM.
    Edge (c) vs Chris Jericho (Royal Rumble winner) in the middle.

    Main event – CM Punk vs Chris Jericho for the Undisputed World Championship (bring back the 2002 belt Eddie Guerrero wore).

    Now THAT would be a good WrestleMania!

  • venom

    I hope they don’t unify the world titles. More guys will get buried.

  • Me

    I would hate to see the world titles unified that would suck duck nuts