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WrestleMania 27: Triple H vs. The Undertaker

– We get a long video package for Triple H and The Undertaker.

No Holds Barred Match: Triple H vs. The Undertaker

The lights go out in the arena and Metallica’s “For Whom The Bells Toll” hits as Triple H gets ready to make his way out. A group of men with big shields come out to the stage and form a half-circle. The soldiers with shields move to the side and we see Triple H in his King of Kings get-up standing under a spotlight. The lights go back out and when they come on, Motorhead starts playing as The Game is standing there now. Triple H makes his way down to the ring.

It’s time for The Undertaker’s entrance now as the lights go out and the bells start to toll. Johnny Cash’s “Ain’t No Grave” starts playing as The Undertaker appears on the stage and starts marching to the ring. Nothing too special for Taker here. Taker turns the lights on as he hits the ring steps and enters the ring. Taker and Triple H stare each other down. Taker makes it thunder and lighting one more time as he takes his hat off. The crowd starts to cheer as the two future Hall of Famers come together in the middle of the ring. They back up to their corners and here we go.

They go right at it trading shots. Triple H gets the upperhand and takes it to the corner but Taker knocks him out of the ring. They fight on the floor and Triple H goes down. Taker starts taking the announcer’s table apart. He turns around and Triple H rams him into Cole’s cube and it’s destroyed. Triple H comes back in the ring as Taker sits up from the remains of Cole’s cube. Taker comes in and fires away with right hands. Triple H with a big forearm off the ropes. Taker with big shoulders now to Triple H. Taker goes to the top rope for Old School but Triple H pulls him down to the mat. Triple H clotheslines Taker back to the floor now.

Triple H launches Taker hard into the fan barrier outside of the ring. Triple H starts taking Lawler and Cole’s table apart now and then slams Taker into it. Triple H climbs up top and goes for a Pedigree but Taker stops it and goes for a chokeslam. Triple H counters that but Taker backdrops him from the announcer’s table to the floor. Triple H lands hard. Taker goes back in the ring as Triple H is out on the floor still. Taker runs the ropes and flies over the top rope and lands on Triple H head-first, just like he did with Shawn Michaels. A “holy shit” chant breaks out in the crowd.

Taker drops Triple H on the steel steps now and brings him up. Taker goes for a Tombstone on the steps but Triple H counters with a headbutt. Taker runs at Triple H on the steps but Triple H counters and slams Taker from the steps through the announcer’s table with a huge spinebuster. Taker looks to be in serious pain. Triple H brings Taker back in the ring. Taker grabs Triple H out of nowhere and chokeslams him for a close 2 count. Taker with right hands now. This is a slow-paced match. Taker grabs Triple H but gets pushed back into the corner. Triple H with shoulder thrusts now. Dueling chants for the two now. Triple H mounts Taker with rights in the corner. Taker brings him out and drops him on the mat. They exchange counters. Triple H hits a big spinebuster for a 2 count.

Triple H brings a steel chair in but Taker boots it into his face. Taker cracks Triple H in the back with the chair. He goes for another but Triple H blocks it and nails a Pedigree. Taker kicks out at the 2 count. Triple H comes back now and takes Taker up to the top. Taker counters and nails The Last Ride for a close 2 count. Taker cuts his own throat now and the crowd pops. Taker picks Triple H up for a Tombstone and nails it. Triple H kicks out right at 3 and this frustrates Taker.

Taker throws the chair down in front of Triple H and picks him up again. Taker goes for a Tombstone on the chair but Triple H slides out of it and DDT’s Taker on the chair. Both men are down as the crowd starts clapping. They both get to their feet using the ropes for help. Triple H strikes first and hits a Pedigree but only gets a 2 count. Triple H goes for another Pedigree and hits it but it’s botched just a bit. Taker kicks out of this one also.

Triple H gets up and grabs the chair again. He cracks Taker hard in the back with it, and another. Triple H yells at Taker to stand up but keeps hitting him in the back with the chair, a dozen or less times. Triple H falls from swinging the chair. Triple H yells at Taker to stay down. Triple H readies for another chair shot as Taker gets up. This time Triple H cracks Taker in the head with the chair and he goes down. Triple H looks on as Taker still tries to get up.

Triple H yells at Taker to stay down again, and to just die. Triple H asks what is wrong with Taker. Taker grabs him by the throat. Triple H shakes his head and lets Taker stand up. He does but he can barely stand. Taker is ready for a fight. Triple H cuts his throat now. Taker charges barely but Triple H counters and scoops Taker for a Tombstone. Triple H nails the Tombstone and folds Taker’s arms but Taker kicks out at 2. This shocks Triple H, who backs up against the ropes and just stares at Taker.

Triple H goes under the ring and brings his sledgehammer into the mix. He drags Taker by his leg into the center of the ring. Taker out of nowhere applies the Hell’s Gate submission on Triple H, causing him to drop the sledgehammer. Triple H tries to counter the hold but can’t. He finally finds the sledgehammer and picks it up but drops it again because he’s too weak. Taker continues to put pressure on the hold as Triple H is fading. It’s been over a minute when Triple H taps out to end the match.

Winner: The Undertaker

– As soon as the match is over, “Ain’t No Grave” starts playing as Taker and Triple H are laid out in the ring. Pyro goes off as a big 19-0 flashes on the big screen on the stage. Triple H, who is bleeding from his face, actually sits up in the ring before Taker does. The referee calls a trainer in the ring to check on Taker, who still hasn’t got up. The trainer checks on Taker. He finally starts to move around but it looks like they’re being cautious with him. Triple H exits the ring and Taker barely rolls out of the ring. Triple H looks to be standing there waiting on Taker. Taker’s feet hit the ground but he just falls on his face. Triple H motions to help Taker up but the referee and trainer tend to him first. The trainer speaks into his mic and calls for help from the back. The music stops and Taker is laid out on the floor cold now. The crowd starts to applaud. Taker sits up as a stretcher is brought down to the ring on the back of a cart. Trainers help Taker onto the stretcher and he is driven off up the ramp. One spotlight shining through the crowd is shown.

– We go right to a “don’t try this at home” video.

  • breezy

    best match of the night. triple h carried taker the whole match. i say he proved himself to still be a top star and he made taker look like a washed up terry funk who doesn’t give up wrestling. the ending was stupid and weak. 4.4 rating wouldve been a 4.9 but the ending, and triple h tapped again at wrestlemania? if triple h wasn’t on top of his game for this match cody/rey match would’ve been the best match… all in all my opinion this match was better than hbk/taker2 ending could’ve been better

  • Mzlsimsmzl

    I enjoyed the Undertakers Terry Funk homage immensely, I hope he goes to 20-0 and retires. HHH came out of the match looking strong and would have gained nothing by breaking the streak so all in all the right result and a cracking match.

  • Moon Knight

    Undertaker’s streak should end. Who cares anymore. No other wrestler gets to stay undefeated at any PPV. Why him? To be honest, Undertaker’s not that impressive and never have been impressed with him. And that Hell’s Gate choke hold is easily escapable. If you’re going to make someone tap, at least make the move look legit. The only thing Undertaker has going for him these days is Michelle McCool.

  • Legend Killer

    I actually didn’t rate this match at all. They had a minute or 2 fighting outside and the rest of the match was constant finishers. This had nothing on their WM17 match and Undertaker needs to retire. I prefered Del Rio/Cody Rhodes matches to this.

  • pravin

    @Regina completely agree with u..and the streak s not gonna(should not) end!!!!

  • Regina

    **whether you think it should or not.

  • Regina

    This was the only WM match that was actually good and worth wotching. Both guys giving it everything and great ending. naturally, DUH! all you fu*K tard Taker haters, naturally he was gonna win so I don’t see why your bitching about it. It would have been WORSE if Triple H had won cause then you’d have had everyone saying that he didn’t deserve or earn it, he only got it cause he is banging Stephanie and is Vinces son-in-law. So deal with it and get over it!! 19-0 baby! and it is so obvious that at WM28 he’ll face eather Jericho, Cena, or Barrett and win that one as well to go 20-0 and finally retire. So all you Undertaker haters go cry me a river, cause it is obvious the steak is NOT gonna end wether you think it should or not.

  • slim 2.0

    His neck isn’t broke you tards.

  • Kyle Marker

    better then Wrestlemania 25 and 26, worse then all other 20’s.

  • Kyle

    If he broke his neck he wouldnt be comming back thats for sure

  • Now Taker will once again leave and take more time off only to come back in another 6-7 months and then they’ll do more stupid promos for him, wasting our time, why does WWE put so much stock into a guy that can barely walk anymore? HHH should have won, the streak should have died. So nexts years WRESTLEMANIA we’ll see this match yet again.

  • Pieman

    Undertaker looks like he broke his neck off the tombstone. His head was below HHH’s knees and he didn’t get up after it. No way would that have ended like that normally.

  • Joel
  • Monte


    Taker goes 20-0 at WM 28, then retires.

  • Dean the machine

    Takers looks dead,if he isnt in a wheelchair in a year ill b amazed,john morrison,sheamus or barrett to end streak

  • Kris

    wheres a free stream to watch it

  • Name

    I think we have witnessed the end of a legand.
    Thank you Taker.

  • dan

    watch a stream instead of refreshing on here u idiots

  • jake

    I really thought it was over with that Tombstone to the Undertaker

  • Random guy

    Until next year Taker

  • Long Rod Von HugenDong

    @RCA I agree with you, and don’t get me wrong, Taker was and is one of my favorites, but the streak is too much. I guess they are saving it for a mega-push for one rising star. Oh well, 19 – 0 it is, maybe Wade Barret… anyone but Cena

  • Seth

    well since it’s been spoiled… they carted taker off after the match. Gotta sell the 10 month injury so he can stay out til WM 28

  • dannl

    yeah, whats the deal with the update…or lack of updates rather? been almost 20 mins.

  • Cancer Wig Mcgillicutty

    @robert The attitude era is dead and will never come back because of groups like glaad and other Special Interest Groups

  • blah

    thx for blowing it for me.
    Now I wont EVER scroll to the reply section
    until the end of the match.

  • Det

    WWE is garbage, HHH should have won and everyone knows it. I’m done watching that trash all together now. Of course Undertaker can kick out of 3 Pedigrees, a DDT onto a chair, numerous chair shots, and a tombstone. HHH was the only thing keeping me watching.

  • robert

    The attitude era is slowly coming back this wrestlemania :), austin and rock segment, jr and king commentating, trish stratus in a match, its just great!

  • Seth


    that sucks.

  • dan

    19-0 HHH tapped out!

  • RCA

    @Long Rod Von HugenDong, you’re gonna get ripped apart on the message boards for that comment but I agree with you.

  • Seth

    good god, I thought it was over

  • Seth

    chairshot to the head!

  • Long Rod Von HugenDong

    The streak has to end… it is annoying that Taker is portrayed as a demi-god

  • GreasyRabbit75

    J.R. and Lawler on commentary, Cole nowhere to be found….now it feels like WrestleMania

  • Rick

    just a pity michael colewasnt in the “cole mine” when they both went through it….

  • Bitex

    the taker – HHH few 5 mins alone is better than the whole WM

  • Rick

    says alot for the ppv when the undertakers entrance has been the best bit so far……..