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WWE Diva Praises “Sweet” Sarah Palin, Booker T Appearing At NXT, Triple H’s Hair

– has published an article on WWE Diva and Stars Earn Stripes winner Eve Torres’ admiration for noted American politician, commentator and author Sarah Palin, who she met during filming of the NBC reality show—Palin’s husband Todd was a contestant on the show.

“She was really a lovely woman,” said Torres. “We didn’t talk politics, but she was excited for me when I won. She was proud that I did it for the girls out there. She was really sweet.”

Torres also had dinner with the Palins. “At the end of the day, she’s a mom and a nice woman,” Torres said.

– Booker T has been announced to appear at an NXT live event taking place Friday, September 21 at Charlotte Harbor Event Center 75 Taylor Road, Punta Gorda Florida 33948. The SmackDown General Manager will participate in a Meet and Greet before the show.

– As reported by, WWE COO Triple H has cut off his signature locks as he was spotted sporting a brand new haircut outside WWE Headquarters on Wednesday afternoon. WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross weighed in on The Game’s new do, tweeting, “It’s ‘a nice.’ Its a haircut.”

He added, “I ‘think’ I read on the Internet that @HeymanHustle ‘bought’ HHH’s locks. Not sure why..Happy Heyman not a folical guy. I could be wrong.”

  • Omar

    @Little Jimmy: Man! You missed a great opportunity for a Heir/Hair pun!

  • ha ha

    He looks good is long hair becoming a thing of the past?

  • chronoxiong

    I guess it just depends on who that superstar is. Kurt Angle lost his hair to Edge and it didn’t phase him at all. He’s still one of the greatest. Vinnie Mac lost his hair to Bobby Lashley and um….never mind. Bad example. It can work if it’s planned out well. That was the point of my post.

  • Anon



    There’s definitely ways WWE is not building up their guys, but not allowing Edge & HHH to put their hair on the line in a match is definitely not one of them..

  • Little Jimmy

    Now He’s the Heir of the company he can’t look like a member of a 80’s Rock Band anymore.

  • chronoxiong

    Triple H should’ve at least put his hair on the line in a match or something. Someone could’ve benefited from doing the honors. Seriously. This is why it’s hard to build up the current guys in the company right now. They don’t have much to work with. Even though Alberto Del Rio was pushed to the moon against Edge and still lost, he could’ve at least gotten the honor to cut Edge’s hair. But this is the WWE, they lack proper build-up to their storylines now.

  • Bill

    Finally. Triple H has needed to cut that thing off for awhile. Yes, it was cool during his heel years, but Triple H needs a drastic revamp. New look, maybe a new theme remix, etc., then think about giving him a rematch with Lesnar. WM 29 shouldn’t be Summerslam 2012 with Triple H winning. At least shake it up.