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205 Live star Jack Gallagher confident that he could beat CM Punk in MMA fight

Jack Gallagher has spent the past few years knocking out cruiserweights on 205 Live. The Gentleman of Wednesday nights has proven he can hold his own against some of the best that WWE has to offer, but in a recent Instagram post, said he could do more than that against CM Punk.

While answering a Q&A on his Instagram account, Gallagher was asked if he would like to go one on one with CM Punk.

In an MMA fight? At this point that would be like bullying.

Jack Gallagher holds a 2-0 record in the world of MMA, with both wins by submission. With how poorly Punk’s UFC career went, it wouldn’t be shocking to see Gallagher take him down, but do you think it would be as one-sided as he claims?

  • blkwolf13

    I waa rooting for punk the first time… At this point I’m convinced anyone can beat him up

  • CC

    Plus, would he even be in the same weight level anyway.
    A lot of people said that Punks biggest mistake was not having any smaller fights before jumping into the big leagues, but that was as much about White wanting to capitalise on his name than anything else. No way would White have put someone like Gallagher in matches of that level straight away as his name is not a draw,

  • Steven Stevens

    He would destroy Punk.

  • Rinn13

    Frankly, not that I give a damn about MMA, but Gallaher never competed at the top level, UFC, I’m sure. If Punk had done the smart thing and started smaller, against lesser opponents in a smaller promotion, I’m sure he probably could have picked up a win or two. Him going for that big spotlight and big money right away, may have worked against him. Point being, just because Gallaher has gotten wins about what are probably small fish, doesn’t automatically mean he could beat Punk in a fight.

    But ultimately, who cares? lol