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Abyss & Sonjay Dutt likely going to NXT

As reported earlier, Impact Wrestling veterans Abyss and Sonjay Dutt have left the company and are most likely going to WWE. While both wrestlers had great in-ring careers, WWE is signing them for their backstage experience.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that both Abyss and Sonjay Dutt are likely going to NXT. Due to them leaving the company, Impact Wrestling has a huge void to fill. Here is what he said:

“So they’re both going to WWE as backstage, they’re not going to be there as wrestlers. It’s gonna be from I gather for NXT and Abyss was not under contract, but he was working in the office. He’s not on creative, he has not been on creative for several months.”

“Sonjay was a key guy on creative. Sonjay and Jimmy Jacobs were actually the key people writing the television although the creative direction is Don Callis. Sonjay also did talent relations, he did a lot of stuff and he’s very well respected. He got very high marks from the people who worked in TNA that are in WWE as far as being a good acquisition. They were looking for new guys in WWE so he got the nod.”

WWE definitely needs experienced people backstage. Abyss and Sonjay Dutt definitely fit the bill and they will also be joining former co-workers when arriving in NXT such as Jeremy Borash. They will be great assets to NXT, that is for sure.

  • Rinn13

    Hope they enjoy being wasted. But hey, “at least it’s a steady paycheck”.