Adam Cole Threatened With AEW Suspension

AEW star Adam Cole is a fan favorite despite being a top heel of the promotion. One of the fans recently shared a picture from Saturday Night Dynamite which featured AEW President Tony Khan and Cole. Earlier on in the night, Cole had brutally attacked The Jungle Boy, throwing him off the stage. The fan joked about the picture and said Khan might have threatened Cole to come out for the picture “or else he’d be suspended”. Vince McMahon To Release Top WWE Champion?



You can check out the Tweet below:

Adam Cole assaults The Jungle Boy

Jungle Boy squashed Brandon Cutler and attacked him post-match. As Cutler called out for help, Cole walked out and called Jungle Boy embarrassing for his actions. He said they can fight then and there. Jungle Boy knocked Cole from the apron, but The Young Bucks blindsided him with stereo superkicks. The SuperKliq drag Jungle Boy to the entrance ramp. The Young Bucks hit a BTE Trigger. They held Jungle Boy up for a Boom from Cole.

The SuperKliq were about to walk out, but they’re not done as Cole told Jungle Boy he’s a nobody, and The Bucks kiss Jungle Boy. The Young Bucks then threw Jungle Boy off the stage through a table.

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