AEW Star ‘Breaks Character’ After Bad Triple H News

AEW’s Big Swole broke character and called Triple H by his real name in a new tweet after he underwent surgery following a cardiac event.

Tessa Blanchard was released from Impact Wrestling but at a time when she was their World Champion, She hasn’t been signed to any other company since. As per the reports, NWA had a word with her, but AEW and WWE have stayed away. But what is the reason for that? Kevin Owens Going To AEW With Top WWE Stars?

AEW and WWE are not willing to sign Tessa Blanchard

Blanchard sparked some rumors after dropping a photo where she resembled Ted DiBiase’s gimmick. Some thought this was an NXT tease. But said there is zero interest in her outside of the NWA.

Cassidy Haynes reported that Blanchard’s name came up while he was speaking to some sources. He was told that there is no interest from AEW or WWE. She is considered “nuclear.” Indie promoters seem to feel the same way about her.

I was told there are no plans for her to appear in either WWE, NXT or AEW. One source added, “She’s nuclear. Nobody wants near her.” I was also told a few months back while speaking with a prominent independent promoter, and when her name came up he said, “I have to stay away, she’s nuclear right now.”

Blanchard was previously involved in a controversy for spitting on La Rosa Negra and used the racist slur while on a tour of Japan. This was followed by a lot of wrestlers coming forward about her backstage bullying. Now she can’t get work, but she is training people and recently had Izzy in for a session.

We will have to see what’s next for Tessa Blanchard.

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