AEW Star Getting Fired During Crown Jewel?

AEW star Andrade El Idolo had reportedly been involved in a backstage altercation with fellow AEW star Sammy Guevara. It has been noted that Andra was sent home before AEW Dynamite this week while Sammy Guevara remained on the show. Few more details regarding the Sammy Guevara-Andrade incident has been reported.



Andrade El Idolo opens up on the matter

Andrade El Idolo has found himself amid turmoil for the past few months. Despite reports suggesting that he wants to leave AEW, Idolo seemingly shot down those rumors in a now-deleted tweet. Idolo claimed that he could quit AEW if he wanted to despite everything that has been going on, and tweet this just before WWE Crown Jewel.

“Look man, I’m a man and if I wanted them to fire me, I’d quit and I’ve never done it.”

Previously, many performers even admitted that they had anticipated it to be smashed rather than engaged in combat. Few reports state that Guevara also shoved Andrade, despite the fact that this is how the first information spread.

Many accounts we’ve heard indicate that Andrade arrived and had waited to see Sammy Guevara, and threw a couple of punches before it was broken up. Both men had been spoken to and warned about not fighting and had assured management they wouldn’t be fighting. Several talent even said they had expected it to be squashed as opposed to the fight. Wrestling Observer has also heard many of the same details. They’d also heard that Andrade was told he wouldn’t be fired in the event of a fight, which we haven’t confirmed ourselves.

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