AEW Steal Big Name From WWE Before PPV?

KC Navarro was reportedly backstage at AEW Rampage ahead of Full Gear last night. It has come to light that WWE had their sights set on the talent. KC Navarro made his debut in 2015 starting his career in Combat Zone Wrestling. During the next 6 years, Navarro continued to wrestle on the independent circuit and other major promotions such as IMPACT Wrestling, AEW and Major League Wrestling establishing himself as a charismatic performer.



KC Navarro was backstage at AEW Rampage

KC Navarro is among the latest young and talented superstars. He has made quite a name for himself on the wrestling circuit. The popular name is reportedly on WWE’s radar to bring him over to their pool of talent, however Navarro has now been spotted backstage on tonight’s edition of AEW Rampage.

Sean Sapp reported that WWE has a deep interest in signing KC Navarro to the company, as confirmed to him by a reliable WWE Source. Furthermore, he might have reportedly landed a WWE tryout opportunity coming up in December. However, a new report behind Fightful’s paywall suggests that the indie star is backstage on tonight’s episode of AEW’s Friday night show, Rampage.

“Fightful has learned that KC Navarro was around visiting at AEW Rampage today. We covered him recently, and he has a private WWE tryout coming soon.”

KC Navarro would have loved to add WWE to his resume but it is yet to be seen whether KC Navarro’s supposed visit to AEW could have any impact on his upcoming WWE tryout, reportedly a private one, scheduled in December.


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