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AJ Lee on What She Wants from Her Feud with Paige, the Black Widow Move, Guardians Movie

– WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee spoke with before Sunday’s Hell In a Cell pay-per-view. Below are some highlights: Have you seen “Guardians of the Galaxy” yet?

AJ Lee: I did! It was so funny because I think that people always expect the big blockbuster to be a household name and something that they’re familiar with and then you have “Guardians of the Galaxy” come out. It’s the best one so far. It’s my favorite Marvel movie. I love those stories when it’s something you wouldn’t expect and it’s these characters who aren’t your ‘drink your milk’ super heroes. They’re little weirdos and I love that. The rivalry [with Paige] has been going on for the better part of six months now. Besides obviously retaining the title, what would the dream scenario be for how this ends?

AJ Lee: I don’t know. I think the fact that there’s two women who aren’t necessarily your standard of diva beauty, that aren’t your standard diva… to have these two women who are very different in myself and Paige in something for so long and people are invested for the entire time and want to see it keep going says a lot about how Divas have evolved and how fans have evolved and what they hold important and what they want to see. They just want to see good matches and good wrestling and interesting characters and I think that’s revolutionary and that’s really cool to be a part of. My dream scenario was for this to go as long as it possibly could and I think it’s been like four of five months now. I kind of want to see it keep going in some way and I want the story to continue to get creepy and weird. I just enjoy having those matches with her. You use “The Black Widow” as a finishing move. What other Marvel characters would you want to borrow moves from?

AJ Lee: Gosh. I don’t know. The perfect thing about the Black Widow is definitely kind of a little joke; a shout out to Marvel. I think I said it one time on commentary to pop my buddies over there and then it got such a good reaction with the fans that I was like “Okay we gotta keep this going. Keep it part of the repertoire.” We had the spider webs… it just all worked out really well. But I don’t know. I do have a very special love right now for Kate Bishop and my Pizza Dog. If I could somehow get a Pizza Dog with me on the way to the ring, I would be pretty psyched.