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AJ Styles on Brock Lesnar’s title reign

Brock Lesnar vs Aj Styles

Brock Lesnar’s Universal Title reign is a bit of a touchy subject for wrestling fans. Many feel that Raw’s top title should at least be defended at every PPV, while others believe Lesnar’s rare appearances make those shows more important and, therefore, the title.

WWE Champion AJ Styles had a chance to speak on this matter with Ringside Collectibles. Noelle Foley asked the Phenomenal One if he had an issue with Lesnar’s part-time status and if a part-time performer holding a title is an issue.

Well, you know what? I don’t care what anybody says. Brock Lesnar is what we call ‘a draw.’ People come to see Brock Lesnar, and the fact that he’s not wrestled…that’s on WWE. That’s on Kurt Angle and anybody else that has anything to do with it.

I do what I do. I’m a fighting champion like you said. I’m going to defend my championship. I’m going to give my championship the respect that it deserves. So I can’t say much about Brock Lesnar. All I can do is keep doing what I’m doing.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Brock was not in the top 10, for all of 2017 or any part of 2018. And the ratings do not SPIKE, they barely are effected from him since November of 2016. Brock light has dimmed in the last couple years. It’s time to cut him loose and let an actually talented or gifted wrestler take his place.

  • Luke

    Straightforwardly untrue.

    If you look at Raw ratings and PPV buys they ALWAYS spike when Brock is on them. He’s also consistently in the top ten merch sellers in WWE.

    He makes WWE a lot of money, hence his contract. I’m not his biggest fan but let’s not pretend he isn’t good for profits.

  • CC

    Not really a statement from AJ is it. That is pure 100% work.

    There might be a smattering of truth in there, but overall that statement is pretty much scripted.

  • Soulshroude

    No… that’s on BROCK and Vince for Vince agreeing to sign Brock to that “Part Timer” contract. Contracts are always up for negotiations. Brock screwed Vince, cause Brock only cares about dollars signs and bad teeth.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    But hes not a draw though. He doesnt fo anything for ratings, PPV buys or merchandise lol. Hes a waste of time and money. Hes only been champion this long, is to beat CM Punks reign. I hope he drops the title, to anybody, and then packs is bags and never comes back. He ain’t taking that title from DC, so I would assume he’ll just turn into a guy that fights, already retired fighters or up and coming ones.