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Alberto Del Rio makes shocking claim about being stripped of GFW title

Alberto Del Rio

We noted before how GFW stripped Alberto Del Rio of their World Championship. The decision was shocking to many as he was no longer a suspect in the infamous airport incident and people expected his suspension to end.

Now Del Rio has spoken up about it through an Instagram post and he has made some surprising claims regarding the company stripping him of the GFW title.

According to Del Rio, he himself suggested the Officials to take the belt away from him to show that the company doesn’t have any favourites and everybody is equal:

“My company Impact and I have come to an agreement that it’s best for both parties if I be stripped from the championships. I came up with the suggestion just to show that Impact doesn’t have favorites and everyone gets treated the same. “

This is an interesting claim from Alberto and now people are waiting for any GFW official to react to it. You can check out the post of Del Rio below:

  • CC

    The problem with this whole issue is, if he is innocent, why strip of the title and why would he offer it?
    Surely, that is like saying he is guilty to the general public who do not keep up on the ins and outs of what Del Rio and Paige are doing.
    Lets face it, with the entertainment websites and tv shows that report on this stuff. They will generally only report on the most headline grabbing news. They will report about the incident, but when it all just blows over and no charges are pressed, it will either get ignored or just be a byline.

    By suspending him, then stripping him of the title that just screams guilt to the general public.

    If WWE lets Paige come back soon, that would make the GFW situation even worse as that would make her look innocent and Del Rio even more guilty.

  • CC

    Well I would still like to challenge for that title.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    What a bunch of crap no wonder that company is going down the drain.

  • Arnold Jackson

    There have been a few holders of that title, he was hardly the first. That title has seen better, tighter days 😉

  • pitfallharry219

    Yeah, but that title has probably been passed around more than the Hardcore title during the 24/7 era.

  • unknown183

    Well at least he’s done Paige up the butt. They can never strip him of that title 🙂

  • CC

    Well most of what comes out of his mouth these days is crap, so I take this with a pinch of salt.