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Alberto Del Rio on why he split up with Paige

Alberto El Patron

We noted before how a video posted by Paige’s friend had revealed that the former Diva’s Champion had broken up with his long-time boyfriend Alberto Del Rio.

However, at that time, the reason behind their split was not revealed which left fans wondering why the duo, who at one point looked all set to marry each other, broke up.

During a recent interview with Keeping It 100, Alberto commented on this and claimed that he broke up with the WWE Star because she is back on road:

“We were not seeing each other, And because she was training and getting ready to go back, they were not letting her come to San Antonio. I couldn’t go to Orlando because I have three little kids. I was coming home for two or three days and had to choose between going to Orlando or seeing my kids. Of course, I decided to stay with my kids.”

Apart from this, Del Rio also talked about Impact Wrestling and more.


  • EVH

    She failed TWO wellness tests back to back…and she’s back on WWE tv AND getting a main event push within the womens division.
    Killing her career wouldve been her being fed to Asuka in her comeback match

  • CC

    What? She got one of the biggest pops I have heard in ages when she came out, and her promo’s have received nothing but praise.

  • jedi

    I Did not mind the false reports I figured that would just build to a bigger pop when she did return, yes she has been out for a while but she came to raw from nxt with the phrase & there were so many signs saying that u think it would have fit perfectly!

  • MrDr3w

    Maybe it wasn’t so well-received because it had been reported that she would be returning every week for months leading up to her actual return? I know I lost interest after a while with all the false reports. And maybe she didn’t go back to the “this is my house” schtick because she had been out for over a year, and it’s not her house anymore?

  • jedi

    Her promos have not been as entertaining honestly & her did you miss me def did not get the reception she hoped. I think had she come out with the this is my house line it would have been better received.

  • jedi

    And now she has his name under her boob……

  • They probably talked all the drama and bs that shes been dealing with out already so she can resume her career because they know what a valuable asset she was before she went through everything, so that opinion really doesn’t make sense.

  • Robert

    How did it kill Paige’s career? She’s the leader of a new women’s faction and is getting plenty of tv time?

  • Sparti Love

    What a pointless relationship that killed both their careers.. especially Paige