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Could Alberto El Patron be heading back to the WWE in 2018?

The former WWE champion has had a rough relationship with the WWE. Alberto El Patron, known as Alberto Del Rio in the WWE, made some very serious remarks against the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, Triple H after he departed the company.

In fact, he did this after he left in 2014 and in 2016. However, he has gone on record saying that he has since apologized to Triple H and Vince McMahon. Back in January, Patron blamed his erratic behavior on his former fiancée, Paige. He also said that he believes he’ll return to the WWE one more time before he retires.

Well, we might be seeing that happen sooner rather than later. According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Patron was at WWE HQ last week to take part in a project about Rey Mysterio. However, he also met personally with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

Could Patron be working on a return to the WWE? It’s possible. Johnson had also stated before that McMahon is high on the idea of bringing Patron back.

Mexico’s Greatest Export is still under contract with Impact, but the deal expires next month. He could join the rest of the talent from Impact who have left this year.

At this moment, Alberto El Patron is scheduled to take on Austin Aries for the Impact World Championship at their Redemption PPV. He is also scheduled to appear for AAA’s TripleMania XXVI in August, taking on another “international luchador.” So if he’s heading over to the WWE, it probably won’t happen until late 2018.

  • Yep

    Del Rio is the worst. I cared about him for five minutes when he was a face. Otherwise, he only had X-Pac heat. He’s like Jinder: The only way for him to be interesting is to wear a mask and use a completely different move set and gimmick.

  • jedi

    No no no please no!

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    Stay home Alberto

  • Arnold Jackson

    Vince loves him and he is Vince’s guy. There is money to be made with Alberto that extends outside the US borders. As long as Vince can make a profit off a guy, Vince will bring them back. Alberto will return to WWE in 2018.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    It a good thing HHH never takes what it said about him on the Internet personal. I mean if it was mean I be saying heck no.

  • Doctorl21

    Not bad in the ring but he’s a charisma vacuum. No thanks, stay gone.

  • CC

    I like Del Rio as a performer, but do not have much love for the real man.
    The fact that a grown up man could say and do all the stuff he did and then try to blame it on his ex is either complete lies, or is true that he is barely a man.

    Add in the fact that he has now left WWE twice under less than nice circumstances, does not bode well for a return (why does he think things would be any different third time around?). You could feel sorry for him and sympathise the first time considering it involved racism, but second time he threw a tantrum because he felt he was not being treated right. So to go back a third time … well more fool him and WWE.

    And why on Earth would to work at the same company as “the evil woman who manipulated him into being a weak, spineless dog”?

  • Sparti Love

    Please no. I never liked the guy and his last run was completely forgettable. He’s more trouble than he’s worth