Alexa Bliss Botches Due To Bray Wyatt In Video

Fans recently witnessed a mysterious woman who was shown during Bray Wyatt’s backstage segment on the latest edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown, and some wonder if it could be his storyline girlfriend. The spectators have wondered who that person might be. Some details have emerged about the person. Fans have also speculated that Alexa Bliss could be a part of Wyatt’s faction.



On tonight’s episode, Bray Wyatt had a tense confrontation with a backstage crew member. The latter told Wyatt to relax, which didn’t sit well with the former Universal Champion. He threatened to smash the staff’s head into a wall. The crew member apologized to him, after which he was told to leave.

During the segment, a woman’s face was shown on the screen for a split second. This has led to massive speculation among fans about her identity.

Fans wants Alexa Bliss to be associated with Bray Wyatt again

One fan wrote:

“I hope WWE plays into the fact that Alexa Bliss can now appear on SmackDown because she’s the tag champ and we know who is on SmackDown, her old friend Bray Wyatt.”

Another chimed in saying:

“This Bray Wyatt thing is so much like the Alexa Bliss therapy especially the road rage comparison”

A third one pointed out:

“Its very interesting now as Alexa Bliss and Bray Wyatt together on the same show. Could we see an interaction between Alexa Bliss and Bray Wyatt ?👀”

Alexa Bliss botched part of her Crown Jewel promo due to Wyatt’s logo being shown, as seen in a video below.

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