Alexa Bliss recalls a hilarious encounter with Triple H on her WWE casting call

Alexa Bliss has proved herself as a top star in the WWE Women’s division in the recent years. Although her way to the company was riddled with various obstacles including an eating disorder, she had some fun and exciting stories to share about her WWE casting call.



On a recent appearance on The Bella’s Podcast, Bliss revealed how she got to auditioning for WWE and met Triple H at the selection.

Alexa Bliss on meeting The Game

Alexa Bliss shared that her body building trainer had told her to apply for WWE. She had paid $100 to film a video in a bikini according to the requirements, and then got a call to go to Los Angeles. Her parents were initially against it, Bliss revealed, but she went anyway.

Bliss went prepared, but what she was not expecting was to walk in and come across someone like Triple H.

“I went in and there’s 50 girls and we’re all in bathing suits. Hunter, Triple H, is sitting there and I had that star struck moment and I don’t think anybody else realized who he was. Nobody prepared me to walk in and meet Triple H. They did tell me to say something to set yourself apart.” H/T Wrestling Inc

The Game asked Bliss why she wanted to be a WWE Superstar. She replied with a joke that did not quite hit home.

“I told him I really wanted to be Tinker Bell at Disney World and I was hoping this would get my foot in the door. He looked up, and I had to tell him immediately that I was joking and went into everything about my family, and growing up a huge fan of WWE, and going on and on about the current storylines.”

Bliss said she got a call back later for a 30-day in-ring tryout, but was then signed outright and asked to move to Tampa in 3 months.

On overcoming her eating disorder

The Bella Twins commended Bliss for battling through anorexia. They also requested her to share some words of wisdom for anyone who might be going through the same thing.

“I would honestly say never let anyone else determine your self-worth. A lot of people amount their self-worth to what people think or say about them. It’s hard, but you have to put that aside. You can’t let someone else tell you if you’re beautiful or not because everyone is their own kind of beautiful. As long as you find yourself and can be happy and healthy, that’s all that matters.”


Bliss made an appearance on WWE Payback on Sunday during the Triple Threat match for the Universal Championship title. The defending Champion Fiend and Braun Strowman fought for the most part as Bliss looked on with a worried expression. But the match was won by Roman Reigns in the end.

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