Alexa Bliss Kidnapping Claim Reported To FBI

The Alexa Bliss stalker, who she previously called out, has now claimed they were on Orlando 18 hours ago trying to find Alexa Bliss and appeared to imply they wanted to kidnap her, using the words ‘rescue’ and ‘save’ with worse words for Bliss’ fiance Ryan Cabrera.



Fans on Twitter are attempting to report the stalker to the FBI Twitter account, with the Albert Little 666 account still being active though it was put in a restricted mode. The FBI also have a tips page on their website.

A fan named Brianna wrote, “Who tf supports a creep like you? Alexa Bliss doesn’t know you and she doesn’t WANT to know you. Get a life and leave Alexa and her fiancé alone!!!! @TwitterSafety @WWE @Twitter @FBI @TwitterSupport.”

@WWE @TwitterSafety @Twitter @TwitterSupport @FBI.”

“@AlbertLittle666 Listen, hoe. Alexa Bliss doesn’t know you, and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t want to know you. You’re a creep and you need help. So leave Alexa & Ryan tf alone. @Twitter @TwitterSupport @TwitterSafety @FBI @OrlandoPolice.”

Star Riley added, “@FBI @OrlandoPolice @TwitterSafety y’all need to do something about this creep ASAP! He won’t stop stalking and harassing Alexa Bliss and now she isn’t showing up on WWE because of this! #ProtectHerAtAllCosts #LockHimUp #HesADangerToHerAndOtherWomen #MeToo.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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