Booker T says King Corbin is superior to Steve Austin in one aspect

The King Of The Ring tournament made its return after a four year hiatus back in 2019. The winner of the tournament turned out to be none other than Baron Corbin, who has been called King Corbin since his victory. Now a WWE Hall Of Famer has a lot of praise for Corbin.



On the latest edition of his Hall of Fame podcast, WWEHall Of Famer Booker T was asked who he thought is the best King Of The Ring winner after himself. Booker T revealed that King Corbin has come into his own after winning the tournament a couple of years ago.

Booker T went as far as to say that King Corbin is a better King Of The Ring winner than even WWE Hall Of Famer ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin.

“You know, I’m just keeping it real, outside of myself – King Booker was the most majestic king that has worn the crown, whoever adorned the robe, the royal sceptre, as well as the insignia… there was only one king that I can really think about as far as, you know, stepping up and honestly is King Corbin. No, I’m serious. I appreciate all the Kings that have come along, but Corbin has really taken the role just like I did, he’s believed in the role to create, you know, for me, my own world, the SmackDown world, the SmackDown kingdom. This is something that Corbin has trying to recreate, so I give Corbin… a lot of the guys that wore the robe – they just wore the robe, they just wore the crown. You know I’ve talked to Steve Austin about it and the best kings about it. You know, they got Steve Austin at No. 1 (best King of the Ring poll) and I go, ‘how does this happen?’ That’s what the polls say. Fake polls. I would give King Corbin the rub.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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