ALI to donate all earnings from Crown Jewel to charity

WWE SmackDown Superstar ALI is one of the most beloved figures in the wrestling community. The tales of the man’s kindness have often made rounds on the internet with some reports even suggesting that these acts of his have managed to impress the higher-ups backstage, including Vince McMahon himself.



Now, ALI has announced that all his earnings from the upcoming Crown Jewel event will be donated to a charity.

WWE has received a fair amount of criticism from fans for continuing their relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia even after the nation’s involvement in major global controversies.

Multiple wrestlers on the roster have been vocal against the company’s decision to hold pay-per-views in the country.

Not accepting money generated from performances in events from Saudi Arabia might be Ali’s way of disagreeing with the company’s decision. It is also interesting to note that in his announcement tweet, Ali doesn’t even mention the name of the pay-per-view and just refers to it as the “10/31 event”.



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