Are Any Knockouts In Danger Of Being Fired?, TNA Possibly Holding Bound for Glory In Texas




— As reported yesterday, TNA officials have advised company president Dixie Carter to release 15 to 20 names in an extensive cost-cutting measure. Carter is against cutting anyone since she doesn’t want talent who have been loyal to the organization be unemployed in these uncertain economic times. Nonetheless, it is expected that cuts will be made.

In regard to any Knockouts being cut, the majority of the company’s female performers are said to be safe for the time being. Though it should be noted that TNA came close to releasing one Knockout recently but was saved because there is a shortage on available female talent due to the injuries suffered by Angelina Love and Daffney, as well as the departure of Tara. TNA brought back Roxxi at this week’s television tapings to help fill the void.

— Jeremy Borash is getting less face time on iMPACT! these days due in part to the increased usage of the documentary style camera, which has been dubbed the “Hervey-Cam.” As a result of David Penzer’s departure from the organization this past, Borash now handles ring announcing duties, though it may only be temporary as they’re said to be searching for a replacement with past experience.

— There is talk of holding Bound for Glory in Texas this October, but nothing is official yet.

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