Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Sad Racism Accusation

A young woman who was once dubbed the “world’s strongest girl” now taunts her former hero Arnold Schwarzenegger after she became a stooge for Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine.



Maryana Naumova taunts Arnold Schwarzenegger

Maryana Naumova earned her nickname after becoming the first child to compete in adult powerlifting contests, including Schwarzenegger’s famous contest. The Russian youngster was able to bench press 240lbs (108kg) when she was just 13 years old. Two years later she was able to lift an astonishing 330lbs (149kg) in the same exercise.

Film star Arnie even gave the teen a hug after she hit the weightlifting milestone. However Maryana who is now 23, has turned on her former hero, slamming him over his support for Ukraine. In a video message to Schwarzenegger, Maryana said:

“I would like to remind you your family was once already deceived by Nazism and your father came to my homeland with a gun, killing and maiming my compatriots.”

Schwarzenegger’s father fought within the German Army during World War 2 and was injured in the Russian city of Leningrad in 1942.

Maryana invited the former Mr Olympia to visit the Kremlin-occupied Donbass region of Ukraine to witness the suffering of civilians. It is noted that the young weightlifter also peddled the Kremlin’s lies about Ukraine being under the control of neo-Nazis. It comes after Arnie released a video criticising Putin and warning Russians that they were being fed misinformation about the war.

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