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Ashley Massaro apologized to WWE before her death

Ashley Massaro met with an untimely death on Thursday and reports suggest that it was an apparent suicide. Before her passing, she responded to a lot of fan mail and also reportedly apologized to WWE.

As reported by Wrestling Inc, Massaro gave an apology to WWE for being involved in the class action lawsuit against the company. WWE sent the details of an email sent to them by Ashley Massaro in October last year, where she apologized for her involvement in the class action lawsuit against WWE.

Long after Ashley Massaro filed an affidavit, which WWE only learned of the contents after she passed away, Ashley sent an email to WWE on Oct. 20, 2018 – approximately one month after the Court dismissed all claims against WWE and sanctioned the lawyer who brought the suit against WWE, Konstantine Kyros, for repeated misconduct including pursuing false allegations. Below are a number of excerpts from her letter to WWE:

“I love WWE, you all were my family the whole time I was there…”

“The lawsuit got out of control very fast-I had been roped in by the lawyer representing the others…”

“I apologize that I was part of this class action suit and knew it was a bad idea but was convinced by the lawyer and I want to acknowledge that I should’ve contacted you guys before agreeing to be involved-i was basically poached. But I accept my part of the responsibility and just want to formally apologize and express my regret.”

“You all changed my life and I couldn’t be more grateful…”

“Can you express my sincerest regret to Vince, Stephanie, Hunter and Kevin Dunn.”

Ashley Massaro will be missed and we sincerely hope she finds peace now.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Except Kevin Dunn is a piece of sh** so why would she thank him?

  • CC

    I think the problem with anyone with any kind of celebrity status is not people berating them or being nasty, I think the industry as a whole is just too tough for them if they have any kind of mental weakness such as anxiety or depression.
    Even someone who has faded from the spotlight will have troubles. If you saw her twitter, she still got loads of fan mail and just the day before this she tweeted a photo saying she had just replied to a whole bunch of fan mail.
    Sometimes people just cannot deal with everything that comes with fame, and like anyone, the stresses and strains of real life can play their part too.

    We know she retired from WWE to look after her sick daughter, so maybe things like that factor in too (I have no idea if it was long term illness as her daughter is now 18).

    I am not saying that people saying bad things online is right or wrong, and am not saying that this cannot contribute to situations like this, I just think that there is a whole lot more involved with the industry itself rather than what is said online. Just look at the amount of actors, wrestlers and musicians etc that have taken their own lives.

  • rob

    why would she call him “Hunter”?

  • ROB-1.

    It is too bad that people have problems that they cant deal with. No one to help them.

  • Omar

    Man, makes one think about the words we say about people we dont know.

    I know no one (or most people) was berating her, but many do that to other wrestlers/performers constantly and I dont know, I wouldnt want to be straw that breaks the camels back and cause someone mentally vulnerable to commit suicide.