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Backstage news on Evolution production crew, who was the in charge of the night

Many fans noted that the Evolution PPV felt different than the regular WWE PPVs in terms of both production style as well as the quality of wrestling and it appears that there was a strong reason for it.

According to reports from Pwinsider, the event was not produced by the regular PPV crew and most of the production crew who works for Raw and SmackDown was not in attendance for the show.

Kevin Dunn was not backstage for the show either and according to reports, the same production crew who oversees the NXT Takeover events worked for this event as well.

About the difference in the lighting of the arena compared to other premier WWE shows, it was noted that the company went with this setup in order to give the PPV a different feel then the other “glitzier” production we are used to.

Though unlike what many believed, Triple H was not the in charge of the night and Vince McMahon was the one running the show from the gorilla position.

  • oppa

    In other words, they didn’t really care about this show

  • wwemrpeeps85

    Who ever was in charge should be fired