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Backstage news on John Cena taking a clean loss on Raw

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Man this just show how bad these people on the dirt sheet are getting all negative now about the WWE. They have no idea what they are talking about period.

    This is what John Cena has been doing ever since he won the United States title a few years back is put new talent over.

    It why I always respected John Cena and I never hated him. He carried the WWE on his back for a long time. But now he helping the young guys and the WWE get ready for life without John Cena.

  • CC

    These stories really are ridiculous.
    If they want to make Balor look strong going into the Rumble, you have him pin the biggest name in the match, simple.
    If he had pinned Drew, people would have not been happy. And if he pinned Corbin it would have meant absolutely nothing.

  • Brandon

    Yep exactly. Makes complete sense

  • Rajah

    Punished? I guess Daniel Bryan is being punished as well for refusing to go as well.

    Is being SD Champ a form of punishment?

  • CC

    Who on Earth thought this was Cena being punished?
    His day at the top is done and he is part time, so the best thing he can do now is help other people get over.
    He knows that, WWE knows that, but apparently the dirt sheets either do not know it or just want to make up stories to make things seem more exciting.

    WWE wants Balor to look good going into a match with Lesnar, so who better to do the job to him than one of the top guys the company has ever had?