Backstage TNA News: Will Jeff Jarrett Return To Power?

The word within TNA right now is that Jeff Jarrett is very likely to return as an on-air talent soon. The PWTorch Newsletter reports that most people within TNA believe he will also retain some of the backstage power he lost when he was sent home following the issues that arose from him dating Kurt Angle’s ex-wife.



Jarrett still has many friends and allies within the company, but the majority of the TNA locker room (and even some office workers) are against the idea of bringing him back. As previously reported, most of the TNA roster sided with Kurt Angle on the issue. Not just for political purposes, but also on a personal level.

There is plenty of frustration with TNA president Dixie Carter within the company, since everyone around her told her not to bring Jeff back but she’s considering it anyways. Dixie isn’t revealing her hand to anyone nor is she addressing the situation, which rubs some people the wrong way because they feel if they provide their honest thoughts on Jarrett it could haunt them later if he returns.

Some sources feel Jarrett wouldn’t return strictly as a wrestler, and also that the situation is being turned into a fake shoot storyline. One source feels that the pieces just aren’t coming together right and something feels wrong, and wrestlers and office workers alike have their guards up. Most TNA sources don’t feel that any kind of worked shoot storyline between Angle and Jarrett would lead to increased ratings or PPV buys.

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