Backstage TNA Update: Jeff Jarrett & His Friends On The Way Out?

Credit: ProWrestling.NET



Following the firings of TNA creative member Dutch Mantel and agent Savio Vega on Friday, there are loud rumblings that other moves are in the works. At this point, almost everyone who is considered an ally of Jeff Jarrett is on edge. More specifically, B.G. James, Jim Cornette and referee Slick Johnson are all on the bubble, but no official moves have been made. Backstage sources also expect a broadcasting shakeup at some point as well.

The firings of Mantel and Vega, and the uncertainty of his other allies’ futures, have sources within TNA feeling that Jeff Jarrett is on his way out. If Jarrett does remain with the company, they feel he wont have as much power as before when he returns.

Taz and Pat Kenny have both been mentioned as possibilities to fill the agent role left open by Savio Vega’s release. Taz and Terry Taylor handled the duties at the most recent Impact tapings.

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