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Baron Corbin might have huge Wrestlemania match

Kurt Angle - Baron Corbin

WWE is slowly building up the card for Wrestlemania and a few big matches are already confirmed. However, it is still unknown who Kurt Angle’s opponent will be in his retirement match at Wrestlemania.

There are a few possibilities of who could face Kurt Angle. John Cena seems to be the most favored name right now. However, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that “the storyline guy would be Baron Corbin.”

This does make sense since it was Corbin who ran Angle out of his job as WWE RAW General Manager when Angle was removed from the position. So Angle might want to get some payback.

If this match comes to fruition, then Baron has a big Wrestlemania match in store for him, where he will be put over by Angle since Kurt Angle would like to put over a younger talent in his final match in WWE.

We will get to know more as we draw closer to Wrestlemania.

  • CC

    It makes sense from a storyline point of view but not something anyone wants to see.
    And they sure as hell do not want to see Kurt lose to him either.

    The only way a retirement match should end up in a loss for the retiring wrestler is if that is the stipulation (like Ric Flair vs HBK). Kurt has lost way too many matches recently so needs to go out with a win if he is facing a bad guy.
    The only way he should lose at Mania is if he goes up against a baby face as that would be a torch passing moment.
    For me he should be facing someone like Gable or Gargano.

  • Soulshroude

    So, let me get this straight… out of all the WWe talent, Angle has decided on Corbin to be his “end match” for his entire career? Even after McIntyre did his “thing”? This is all the WWe’s got? REALLY!? Come on people… how about an actual “RETIREMENT MATCH” between CENA and ANGLE!?!?