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Batista Gets Backstage Heat After Rumble Match, Negative Feedback from Fans Leaving, More

– WWE’s shop website has released new t-shirts for Sheamus and Ryback.

– After winning an award at the UK National TV Awards this past week, the cast of Educating Yorkshire did a Daniel Bryan “Yes!” chant on stage.

– There was a lot of negative feedback coming from fans on their way out of the arena after last night’s Royal Rumble in Pittsburgh.

– As noted, Batista argued with fans on his way up the ramp after the Royal Rumble match last night and was seen flipping them off. There were some people backstage that were not happy about this.

Source: PWInsider

  • Seth Becker

    Throw in D Bryan or another face to make it a triple threat or have a title change at the elimination chamber

  • Eric

    The crowd will be booing them out of the Superdome regardless of whether or not it’s heel vs heel.

  • Shawn OB

    Yeah, acting is a huge part of wrestling, he failed. Batista needs to be more in the groove of things now because it’s been awhile for him me thinks. And if he regains his wwe styled wrestling and gets booed then he has a real reason to be mad at the fans because he wrestles like Roman. But I would like to see more singles matches with Roman just to see again what he has.

  • Dean Davies

    Is going to be Orton vs Batista at WM, you cant have a heel vs heel main event, the crowed would be dead

  • It couldn’t possibly be fans being sick and tired of the same old garbage year in and year out? It couldn’t possibly be the fans being sick and tired of WWE ignoring who THEY cheer for, and force feeding them the same morons they’ve been pushing for a decade?

  • JohnCena33

    This post is perfect. My thoughts exactly.

  • d_pooch

    Fans cry about everything as much as the superstars do… Way too much politics and all the fans being “too smart” for everything.

  • ddfindl

    Fans are finally starting to reach their breaking points. I myself hardly ever actually watch it anymore unless its a PPV because I can’t be bothered to watch 3 hours of sh#t when I can spend 5 minutes reading about it, and when I do watch PPVs, I watch them online for free because I’m not spending $50 for a bunch of crap. These aren’t fans being pissy anymore, its seriously all of the bull we’ve been force-fed until now that makes every other bogus match that much more aggravating. Who the f’ck wants to spend $60 on a WrestleMania headlined by Batista and Orton? Not to mention BS nonsense matches with absolutely no build-up like Cena vs Bray and Bryan vs Sheamus. They know we want Bryan and Punk in the main event, they know we want Cena vs Taker, but they don’t care, they just want to make good with all of HHH’s butt-buddies and keep shoveling what THEY want to see down OUR throats. I can’t stand it anymore. I’m not even a huge Daniel Bryan fan, I just hate whats happening.

  • Seth Becker

    Pretty easy heel turn

  • mr.monday night

    lol fans freak out on anything these day lol