Bayley celebrates milestone, Hacksaw Jim Duggan going on USO tour

Bayley is The Hugger and most everyone wants to see her succeed. She’s just such a likable personality it’s hard to be mean to Bayley unless you’re every woman who has beaten her lately. Even though the NXT alum might not have been doing too well on the roster recently it doesn’t stop the fact that she is still touring with the roster. Today Bayley celebrates a great career milestone and she’s obviously pleased with her accomplishments.



WWE is invading Madison Square Garden for a show tonight and Bayley will be on the roster taking over New York City’s most famous arena. Not only was WrestleMania 1, 10, and 20 held in the famous arena but they also have some of the best house shows money can buy. Tonight Bayley is a part of that show and she is so proud to be wrestling in MSG for the first time in her career.

It’s times like this when a girl like Bayley realizes she achieved her dream and it’s a pretty cool accomplishment, to say the least.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan is a true American and just about as patriotic as you can get. He’s known for waving the American flag around courageously while he shouts, “USA, USA, USA!”

Duggan recently revealed on an episode of his podcast Prime Time With Hacksaw Jim Duggan that he was planning on giving back to the troops in the best way he knew how. He is going to entertain them.

Hacksaw said he will be taking part in a USO tour very soon and he sounded very excited about it too.

“I’m looking forward to setting up a trip with the USO later this year and traveling overseas and shaking some of the hands of the brave young men and women that actually keep us safe and free. You know, I’ve been carrying a flag — I’ve been going around the world doing it. But I wanna go out there with the guys right on the front lines and tell them thanks.”

Credit for quote goes to Hacksaw Jim Duggan with a H/T to for the transcription

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