Ben Affleck Brother & J-Lo Sad Bombshell Leaks

Popular actor Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez might have issues to overcome as they plan their first Christmas following their marriage via Geo.



It has been noted that the sources say tensions exist between their families that could impact holiday celebrations. Specifically, insiders note Affleck’s mother Christine has never truly bonded with Lopez’s mother Lupe.

“They both want their moms to fly in and spend time together, but Christine [Affleck] has never really gelled with Lupe [Lopez], so they’ve always been tactfully kept apart,” revealed a source, per OK!.

“Ben is still trying to sweet-talk her into inviting him. Add Jennifer’s two sisters to the mix and it’s a recipe for chaos,” the insider dished. “Jennifer and Ben have this [vision] of the perfect Christmas, with in-laws toasting and hugging. But the reality is far from it.”

Ben’s brother Casey in particular has been said to view his brother’s lavish lifestyle as superficial.

The source said: “Ben and Jen are at the center of the whole L.A. social scene, which Casey finds frivolous and has really divorced himself from.”

Per the source, the Oscar winner is “a guy who’s always searching, reading and writing and trying to figure himself out. The fancy parts of being famous hold no interest to him,” and is “allergic to the circus Ben’s life has become, and it’s just not a world he knows or cares to navigate. He and Caylee won’t be double-dating with Bennifer anytime soon!”

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