Biden Appears To Fall Asleep Trashing Trump In Video

According to the Western Journal, The decline in President Biden’s cognitive abilities is becoming increasingly evident with each passing day, and even leftist news outlets are finding it hard to conceal. Recently, during an exclusive interview with MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle, Biden’s mental decline was on full display for all to see.



Approximately 12 minutes into the 13-minute interview, Ruhle asked the president about restoring the “soul of America,” but it appeared that Biden was unable to fully comprehend or pay attention to the question. Instead, he briefly played with a throat lozenge in his hand, a behavior that is concerning given the gravity of the discussion.

At this point, a White House staffer attempted to halt the interview, possibly due to Biden’s apparent struggle to remain alert. However, Biden quickly shooed him away and continued with the interview, which only made the situation worse.

Biden seemed to be trying to say that Democrats had to prevent Donald Trump from returning to the presidency in 2024. But he stumbled over his words and appeared to almost say that “we cannot let ‘Obama’ return to office.” He stopped himself before saying that, realizing his mistake, but continued and was seemingly unable to remember Trump’s name, referring to him only as “the same man who was president four years ago.”

The fact that Biden cannot recall the name of his main challenger for the presidency next year, Donald Trump, is truly alarming. Furthermore, the interview was only 13 minutes long, and it is possible that more concerning footage was edited out. The fact that MSNBC left in this embarrassing moment suggests that it is becoming increasingly impossible for the left to hide Biden’s mental decline.

As Biden seeks re-election in 2024, there is a real concern that his cognitive abilities may only worsen during his second term. The American public must ask themselves what damage could be done if Biden is unable to perform his duties to the best of his ability.

The interview with MSNBC highlights a worrying trend that is becoming more apparent with each passing day: Biden’s cognitive abilities are on a steady decline. Even leftist news outlets are finding it hard to hide this fact, and it is time for the American public to face the truth about their president’s mental state.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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