Biden Begs For Clapping During Remarks To…

President Joe Biden recently engineered an awkward moment while he was giving the commencement address at West Point when he told the audience to clap after failing to get the reaction he was hoping for via Trending Politics News.



“Never forget America is the strongest when we lead not only by our example, of our power, but by the power of our example,” Biden told the silent crowd. A visibly annoyed Biden then followed up with “you should clap for that!”

It has been noted that the moment quickly went viral on social media, with many X users comparing the president to former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. At one point viewed as the favorite to secure the Republican nomination in 2016 due to his deep establishment ties, Bush’s campaign never got on track. He clashed with then-candidate Donald Trump on the debate stage, who labeled the former governor as “low energy Jeb.”

It has been noted that at one campaign event in New Hampshire, just before he dropped out of the race, a demoralized Jeb Bush followed up a campaign pitch with “please call.” The moment is frequently used as an example of a failing and “low energy” campaign.

President Biden appeared confused at multiple points throughout Saturday’s commencement address.

“Putin! Was certain that NATO would fracture. I remember right after being elected president, before, right after I was sworn in. And we talked about this very issue,” Biden said when discussing America’s geopolitical challenges. “The fall! He a tied, that fall he decided, look… I shouldn’t get into this, probably. It gets me a little excited.”

The president also repeated a favorite tale of his about how he was “appointed” to the Naval Academy, where he intended to play football. In some versions of the story, Biden was so good at football that the NFL was begging him to “walk on.”

Despite telling the story at a number of commencement addresses and speeches to service academy members, there is no record of this happening.

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