Biden Memory Loss Is ‘National Security Issue’

Former White House physician Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas) is once again raising concerns about President Joe Biden’s mental acuity in the wake of a recent Wall Street Journal report highlighting observations from lawmakers and others regarding the president’s cognitive state. Jackson, who served under Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, emphasized that Biden’s purported decline poses a national security risk and renders him unfit for office.



The Wall Street Journal’s comprehensive investigation, drawing on interviews with numerous individuals, revealed bipartisan apprehensions about Biden’s cognitive abilities. While the White House dismissed the report as a partisan attack, it included commentary from Democrats acknowledging Biden’s cognitive struggles, albeit some reportedly retracting their statements following administration intervention.

Biden’s occasional speech difficulties and physical challenges, such as struggles with stairs and footwear adjustments to prevent falls, have been widely documented, fueling speculation about his overall health and fitness for office.

Jackson suggested that the Journal’s report might signal the beginning of efforts to replace Biden as the Democratic nominee, citing the extensive sourcing and credibility of the article as evidence of a potential political maneuver.

Despite sending multiple letters urging Biden to undergo a cognitive assessment, Jackson has received no response from the White House. This lack of transparency contrasts starkly with the public cognitive exam undertaken by former President Trump during Jackson’s tenure as White House physician.

The issue of Biden’s age and mental acuity has emerged as a top concern for voters, as reflected in recent polls. However, the Biden administration remains resistant to calls for cognitive testing, raising questions about transparency and accountability in presidential health assessments.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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