Biden Spotted At Hollywood Star’s House Before Trump Election

President Joe Biden arrived in Los Angeles this afternoon as part of a campaign swing, marking the next phase of his political journey after a resounding victory in the South Carolina Democratic primary. The first stop on the West Coast was a campaign meeting in Bel Air, hosted at the residence of renowned filmmaker George Lucas.



Lucas, known for creating the iconic Star Wars franchise, acquired the property in 2017 from H. Ross Perot Jr. and Freddy DeMann, a former owner and co-founder of Maverick Records. Variety’s reports on real estate transactions provided historical context to the property’s ownership changes.

The meeting at George Lucas’ home served as a gathering for Biden, where he issued a statement following his substantial win in South Carolina. With over 95% of the vote, the President expressed gratitude to the voters who had played a pivotal role in rejuvenating his 2020 campaign. The statement projected confidence for the upcoming 2024 election, emphasizing the belief that South Carolina had once again set the stage for another presidential victory, reiterating the goal of defeating Donald Trump.

Mellody Hobson, Lucas’ wife, played a noteworthy role in Biden’s re-election campaign as a major donor. FEC records revealed substantial contributions, including $125,000 to the Biden Action Fund, a joint fundraising committee. The gathering at the Lucas residence became a convergence of political support and financial backing.

While Biden’s focus remained on campaign activities, there were hints of a more personal touch to his visit. Speculation suggested that family time would be incorporated into the President’s schedule, particularly given the presence of his son Hunter, residing in Malibu.

Accompanying the President on this trip, First Lady Jill Biden took part in a separate engagement at Paramount Studios. She addressed the Fifteen Percent Pledge Gala, an event organized by a non-profit working to encourage businesses to allocate 15% of their space to Black-owned brands.

The next leg of Biden’s campaign journey involved departing Los Angeles for campaign events in Las Vegas. However, it was clarified that the President would not be making an impromptu appearance at the Grammys, and some sources hinted at the inclusion of family time in his itinerary.

The South Carolina Democratic primary held significant symbolic value for Biden, as it marked a turning point in his 2020 campaign. NewsNation declared him the winner shortly after polls closed, solidifying his position despite nominal opposition from Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) and Marianne Williamson. Phillips, in particular, sought to convey concerns over Biden’s potential second term due to his age. However, previous results in New Hampshire demonstrated a decisive victory for Biden, with his supporters initiating a write-in campaign as his name was not on the ballot.

The President and First Lady’s visit to Los Angeles encompassed a blend of political engagements and personal connections. As Biden continued to navigate the campaign trail, his presence in various events underscored the multifaceted nature of his political journey. The visit to George Lucas’ home, the First Lady’s participation in the Fifteen Percent Pledge Gala, and the upcoming campaign events in Las Vegas collectively portrayed a dynamic and eventful phase in President Joe Biden’s ongoing political narrative.

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