Biden ‘Worried’ About Candidate Taking Him Out?

During a segment on Morning Joe, former White House press secretary Jen Psaki expressed concerns about third-party candidates posing a significant threat to President Joe Biden’s reelection prospects. Psaki specifically mentioned independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., highlighting his continued popularity in crucial states like Georgia and Michigan.



When asked about the motivation behind candidates like Kennedy Jr., Psaki referenced concerns about his stance on science and other issues, suggesting that his candidacy could siphon votes away from Biden. She emphasized the challenge posed by third-party candidates, particularly those with significant name recognition like Kennedy Jr., who has garnered double-digit support in states like Michigan.

Psaki raised alarm about voters potentially being unaware of Kennedy Jr.’s views, such as his stance on vaccines and conspiracy theories, which could influence their decision at the polls. She stressed the importance of raising awareness about these issues to combat the threat posed by third-party candidates to Biden’s reelection.

“I don’t want to be in RFK Jr.’s brain where he didn’t believe in science and all sorts of other things … this is the biggest challenge,” Psaki said.

The MSNBC host said Trump has “broad appeal in his base,” but could struggle with independents, some of whom could choose third party candidates instead of Biden.

“He has problems among independents and with an expanded electorate. But these third-party candidates are a huge, huge, huge problem, and there’s a number of them. If you look at RFK, it’s the name recognition issue,” she said.

Kennedy Jr., running as an independent candidate after a failed bid for the Democratic nomination, has faced criticism for his views on vaccines, which he denies being anti-vaccine. The DNC has filed a federal election complaint alleging illegal coordination between Kennedy Jr.’s campaign and a Super PAC, accusations that have been denied by both parties. Additionally, the Super PAC has been accused of violating campaign finance laws.

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