Big E Sad Retirement Rumor Revealed

A fan recently took to Twitter and revealed that Big E is not sure whether he will ever wrestle again, after suffering a horrific neck injury last year.



Big E doesn’t know if he’ll wrestle again. So people are going at Ridge



Big E, the WWE Superstar who suffered a neck injury during a wrestling match exactly a year ago, says he won’t rush back into the ring until he’s made the “right decision” on his future. The injury occurred during a tag-team match on “Smackdown” in Birmingham, Alabama last March when he was picked up and dropped on his head. Big E’s injury sparked concern not only about his wrestling future but also about his long-term health.

In an interview with TMZ Sports at LAX last week, Big E said he’s waiting to find out whether the injury will keep him from wrestling again. He plans to talk to doctors and review his scans before making any decisions.

“I’m not going to make any rush to judgments or anything. See how everything looks,” Big E said, adding that he’s not anxious about the results. “Everything isn’t permanent. If it comes to an end, cool. If it doesn’t, cool. What will be, will be. I’m good with whatever.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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