Big John McCarthy Making a Return to UFC?, Dana White Comments on Situation

– Big John McCarthy was on Radio the other day, and was asked if he would be returning to the UFC as an official. Here is what he had to say…



On If He Will be Available: “I will be available,” McCarthy said. “It doesn’t mean they’ll use me. I’m licensed in California, and if I’m assigned, I’ll go,” McCarthy said. “If they don’t assign me, then I won’t go, and it’s no problem.”

– Dana White was asked about John McCarthy officiating in the UFC at the UFC 102 post fight press conference, here are the highlights…

Dana White On The Situation: “I don’t know,” White said. “That would have to be a question for the – have we talked to commissions and said, ‘Oh, keep John McCarthy away from us,’? No. Maybe McCarthy doesn’t want to ref in the UFC. I don’t know.”

Dana White On Loyalty: “We never talked about that, and Marc (Ratner, UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs) has never brought that up,” White said. “And to be honest with you, as you ask me that question, I sit here now, there’s a lot of referees that have been loyal and stayed in the business and kept working when John McCarthy took off to go and pursue other things. You’ve got all those guys that have been reffing for years now. Reffing isn’t one of these jobs where you make a ton of money. You do it because you love it. If you’re in the refereeing business to get rich, you’re in the wrong business.”

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