Billie Kay ‘Warned’ WWE Star About Firing

The former WWE star Billy Kay was among the stars who were released by the company this month due to the budget cuts.



Chelsea Green was also one of them and during an interview on INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet, she opened up on her release as well as Billy Kay’s. WWE Diva Leaks ‘Banned’ Vince McMahon Photo

Chelsea Green speaks about the impact that Billy Kay’s release created

During the interview, she opened up about her job security and was confident about his place in the company in the long run.

However, that was not the case for her as Green said the release of Billie Kay came as such a shock and her joh security was also in jeopardy. Undertaker Coming Out Of Retirement In WWE?

Green explained that she never got the fair chance prove herself to the company due to the injuries she suffered.

She said:

“That’s actually exactly what I thought (that I was safe).I’m not gonna lie though, hearing that Billie Kay was released? That was a shocker and that did make me question, like, woah, OK. So, Billie Kay was just on WrestleMania last week, it hasn’t even been a week! And now she’s released. What does that mean for the rest of us? But I never thought I’d be released before I had a chance to prove myself. And that’s kind of where the shock factor came from. It’s like, “But wait! I never got to show you guys how good I am!”

It is to be seen which promotion Green chooses as his next destination after the 90 days no-compete clause WWE contract expires.

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