Bloodline Kicking Out Another Member Leaks In Photo?

The intricate web of alliances and betrayals within the WWE’s Bloodline faction has been hurtling toward an inevitable collapse ever since the shocking betrayal of Jimmy Uso against his cousin Roman Reigns at WWE Night of Champions. Amidst the ensuing chaos and uncertainty, rising star Austin Theory has further stoked the flames by teasing a potential alignment with Paul Heyman, the faction’s trusted advisor, in the event that Heyman is ousted from the ranks of the villainous group.



In a bid to sway Jey Uso, another member of the Bloodline, to fully commit to The Tribal Chief’s cause, Heyman extended an enticing offer to his compatriot. He arranged a high-stakes match for the United States Championship between Jey Uso and Austin Theory, providing Uso with an opportunity to add another prestigious title to his name. However, Jey made it explicitly clear that his allegiance to the Bloodline hinged on Heyman’s removal from the faction.

With uncertainty looming over Heyman’s future within the group, Austin Theory wasted no time in capitalizing on the situation. He reached out to Heyman, extending an intriguing offer to become Heyman’s new client once the veteran wrestling personality found himself on the outside looking in.

Theory’s teasing of a potential alliance with Heyman spilled over onto social media, particularly Twitter, where the young talent posted an old photograph featuring himself and Heyman from their shared history in Evolve Wrestling. The image served as a nostalgic reminder of their past association, showcasing the moment when Heyman introduced Theory to the audience before a highly anticipated title versus title match, a gesture that resonated with both fans and industry insiders alike.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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