Bobby Lashley ‘No Shows’ WWE Raw?

With MVP and Drew McIntyre being two very present entities on tonight’s Monday Night Raw, it’s very curious that we didn’t see Bobby Lashley at all. What could this mean and is something happening behind the scenes that could cause a threat to the huge push that Lashley has been getting lately? Bobby Lashley ‘Censored’ At WrestleMania 37.



On the April 19th episode of Monday Night Raw, we saw a segment featuring Drew McIntyre and MVP. The segment started out with Drew McIntyre in the ring speaking about becoming something bigger and getting his rematch with Lashley.

McIntyre then started taking jabs at Braun and Randy Orton. Drew McIntyre then said he beat two of the top superstars on Raw and earned his spot. Drew then went on to explain how everything that he did was all thanks to himself before calling out MVP. When Drew said “I feel like a fight” MVP’s music hit and we saw MVP come out.

MVP started at Drew stating that he (Drew) wasn’t expecting Bobby Lashley to knock him out with the Hurt Lock. MVP also stated that Drew wasn’t expecting Mace and T-Bar to take him out. MVP said to Drew McIntyre to “Expect the unexpected.”

Bobby Lashley’s name did come out towards the middle of the segment when MVP said that Bobby Lashley said Drew was a “worthy opponent to take out again with the Hurt Lock.” Before the segment had ended when it looked like we may see a match between Drew and MVP, Mace and T-Bar attacked McIntyre. We will most likely see Lashley return next week.

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