Bobby Lashley WWE Title Loss Rumor Leaks

John Cena Sr. who had a recent interview with Boston Wrestling MWF’s Dan Mirade addressed a rumor which has been circulating lately.



The rumor is spreading that Bobby Lashley who recently won the WWE Championship after defeating The Miz is likely to drop the title at WrestleMania 37. Rumours say that the newly crowned WWE Champion will lose the title to none but Drew McIntyre at the event.

John Cena Sr. shares his thoughts on the rumor

John Cena Sr. reckons Bobby Lashley should retain the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 37. Lashley who defeated The Miz on the March 1 episode of WWE RAW to win the WWE Championship for the first time in his career has been doing a great job consistently and dropping the title abruptly would not make any sense.

It has been speculated that The All Mighty’s reign could end against Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 37 on April 10-11.

John Cena Sr. has raised concerns over the reports and said that Lashley’s loss would put him down the ranks and will eventually be removed from the title picture.

He said:

“If they did [book Drew McIntyre to win], Lashley would become a mid-carder. If they pull the rug out from under him now at WrestleMania, he’s gonna go right down to mid-card, and then it’ll be bye bye, Bobby. That’s the sad part about it. You take an athlete of that caliber, doing the job, and then bing, bing, bing. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Lashley recently successfully retained the WWE Championship against The Miz in his first title defense on the latest episode of WWE Monday Night RAW.

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Speaking of Drew McIntyre, he is in a heated feud with friend-turned-enemy, Sheamus. They both locked horns on Raw in a No DQ match but the bout ended in a no-contest.

WrestleMania 37 will be held at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida on April 10 and 11.It is to be seen if the match is being booked for the event and if yeas then what is outcome that will witness.

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