Bobby Roode Caught Flirting With Smackdown Diva

Bobby Roode said after Bianca Belair walked by him and Dolph Zigger backstage, “Does she have a sister?” He said it off camera, seemingly implying he wanted a double date.



The former WWE Spanish commentator Hugo Savinovich recently spoke about how Vince McMahon, who is the WWE Chairman was infuriated when he learned Lex Luger had refused to cut a promo. It was set to take place in a WWE show back in the 1990s.

Savinovich, whose career spanned over 17 years in WWE had worked as a member of the creative team. He recently revealed that he had informed Vince that Luger had turned down to participate in a backstage interview to promote a match against Tatanka. Dana Brooke Is Marrying Surprising Boxer

Vince McMahon had threatened to fire Lex Luger

Savinovich spoke to Pro Wrestling Defined’s Jonathan O’Dwyer and said how Vince had reminded Luger of his responsibilities as a WWE star. He also gave Savinovich the authority to fire anyone who refused to cut a promo that had already been approved. The Spanish commentator said:

“He took everybody out of the dressing room. He went in, two minutes, came back out, and he calls me back into his office, and he says, ‘He’ll be ready to do the promo.’ And he said, ‘Next time that somebody refuses to do a promo after I have approved it, you have my permission to fire him, or fire her, because I will not tolerate this kind of behavior.’ Went back in, he did the promo, and we did the storyline of Tatanka against Lex Luger.”

Luger had worked for WWE between 1993 and 1995 and then joined WCW. He had appeared on the first episode of WCW Nitro on September 4, 1995, one day after competing in a WWE live event match.

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