Braun Strowman reveals how he found out about his Universal title win

Roman Reigns pulling out of WrestleMania due to coronavirus fears turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Braun Strowman who replaced Reigns at the Show Of Shows.



The Monster Among Men was originally not booked for the show but he went on to face Goldberg for the Universal Championship and ended up winning the title from the former WCW star.

During his recent appearance on the Bump, the new Universal Champion revealed that he got to know about the change less than 24 hours before the tapings took place:

“Drove 21 hours and was an hour away from home and I got a phone call. ‘There’s been some last-minute changes. We need you, it’s an emergency, we’re sending a jet to get you and you leave at 9 pm.”

Strowman then explained how he drove back instead of going home and landed in Orlando at 1:30 in the morning only to come back as the new Universal Champion:

“I got into Wisconsin for three hours, went back, jumped on a jet, flew back to Orlando, and landed at 1:30 in the morning. Got up, hit the ground running and low and behold, came out of the back end as the Universal Champion.”

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