Braun Strowman ‘Was Furious’ With Fired WWE Star

Braun Strowman is a former Universal Champion and is one of the mainstays of WWE Monday Night RAW. Despite being a massive monster as part of the storylines in the company, he is quite the opposite person in real life.



Former WWE Superstar Sin Cara, who is now known as Cinta De Oro, recently talked about his relationship with Braun Strowman and revealed how he once ribbed Braun Strowman during a match.

Sin Cara was recently interviewed by Gary Cassidy on YouTube. Sin Cara revealed how it was like for him to work with the ‘Monster Among Men’ during the early run of his career in WWE. Here is what he said:

“I’m a funny guy if you get to know me I like to have fun and even when I used to wrestle I used to say things to the boys because you couldn’t see my mouth move. With Braun it was a lot of fun because he wanted to learn, he wanted to become better. He knew he had an amazing opportunity in his hands and now you can see he’s doing great so it’s fun to be able to see somebody grow from where I started with him to where he is now. We had a match, on one of the tours, I can’t remember where and we do the face off and he’s huge. So we do the face-off and that day was cold. Me being me. I told him, ‘You know your nipples are realy hard, right?’ and he’s llike ‘Shut up, don’t make me laugh.'”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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