Bray Wyatt ‘Losing’ The Fiend To Big Name?

Bray Wyatt had introduced his alter ego gimmick, The Fiend which had certainly made a great impact. It was warmly received by the fans but over the period of time, the gimmick got diluted.



Now, Wyatt’s former stablemate and former WWE star, Erick Rowan (now Erick Redbeard) believes the gimmick has run its course, and that it’s been lost to Alexa Bliss.

Eric Rowan opens up on Bray Wyatt

Erick Redbeard recently was a special guest on ‘UnSKripted with Chris Featherstone’ on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s YouTube Channel. He shared his thoughts on The Fiend’s persona. According to the former WWE star, Wyatt’s Fiend gimmick has “run its course.” WWE Raw Champion ‘Blamed’ For Major Firing

He then went on to take a shot at The Fiend, who has been away from WWE programming for a long time now. He said:

“Or should I say Alexa Bliss’ new character?”

When Redbeard was asked why The Fiend has been away for so long, he said he is not aware of it. He said:

“I don’t know what’s going on.”

The Fiend was last seen during his match at WrestleMania 37 pay-per-view against Randy Orton. But, Wyatt’s alter ego character lost the match when when Alexa Bliss shockingly turned on him.

Bliss has also changed her gimmick possessing Supernatural powers which she has used on multiple occasions. We will see when The Fiend will return.

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