Bray Wyatt Raw Return ‘Ruined’ By Mistake

WWE writers ruined the Bray Wyatt, Alexa Bliss, and Randy Orton angle on Raw with a big mistake. They had Orton say during a promo Wyatt and Bliss had ‘disappeared’ despite the fact that they were on the show, and advertised to kick things off. Alexa Bliss Leaked Bray Wyatt ‘Relationship’ News.



Vince Russo told Sportskeeda, “Up next we have Orton cutting the promo and Orton says during the promo that Alexa Bliss and The Fiend have disappeared. We just saw Alexa Bliss…what are you saying Randy? We just saw her 30 minutes ago. Again you gotta ask yourself, was this a pretape and something changed during the day because how is this guy saying Alexa Bliss disappeared when we saw her 30 minutes ago?”

He said about Wyatt’s promo, “I don’t get it bro. And talk about not understanding… then after three months or however long it has been, we have the return of Bray’s Funhouse and absolutely nothing is said. Nothing is accomplished. No business is done. They had three months. This is what you’re giving me after three months?

Maybe they’re gonna surprise us all. Maybe something’s coming that we’re not expecting. See that’s the problem, maybe they’ve got something big planned but the problem is they’re losing people along the way. You’re gonna have people watch this tonight saying ‘that really sucked’ and not come back next week. That’s the problem.” AJ Styles & Omos Were ‘Pulled’ From WWE Raw.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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