Bray Wyatt Sad Rumor Stuns AEW Fans

Bray Wyatt is an enigma. Not only are Bray’s promos some of the best that the world of wrestling has ever seen, but also his character development for himself is just other worldly. It’s really no wonder why fans are chomping at the bit to see Bray Wyatt again in wrestling. As many originally thought, the WWE release would be one big joke. As time goes on, we realize that it does seem more real with each day. Now, many want Bray in AEW. Will this really be happening either? WWE Top Star Suddenly Leaves For AEW.



Sadly, it was revealed by Bryan Alvarez that his gut feeling is that Bray Wyatt won’t be going to AEW. While he didn’t state where Bray would go, the only option would be back to WWE in my personal opinion. Bray could go to Impact or NJPW, but Bray would most likely not want a big step down from WWE should he not actually go to AEW.

Via Reddit, this was leaked from the Bryan and Vinny show as it was stated on Reddit: “On the Bryan and Vinny Show that is live right now on Twitch, Bryan Alvarez just said that after Dave Meltzer said on WOR that Bray Wyatt was “most likely happening” Alvarez got texts from “people that should know if he was coming in” in AEW confused that Dave said that Wyatt was joining. Alvarez then says that Bryan Danielson is definitely coming into AEW, but the possibility of Wyatt joining too is much less than 99.99%, and that Alvarez’s gut feeling is that he actually won’t join.”

So, the good news is Daniel Bryan. The bad news is Bray Wyatt is still a toss up. Thanks, Reddit.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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