Brock Lesnar & AJ Lee Bombshell Revealed

The former WWE star AJ Lee has last made an appearance inside the squared circle for WWE back in 2015. She had announced retirement due to serious injuries.



During a recent interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, Mr. Money In The Bank, Big E said that he believes there’s definitely a place for Lee in WWE. He believes that if she returns, she could potentially work the Brock Lesnar schedule.

Big E opens up on AJ Lee

This is a reference to the former WWE star Brock Lesnar, who worked as a part-timer even when he had won the WWE Universal Championship and WWE Championship. Charlotte Breaks Silence On Ric Flair Controversy

Big E said that Lee left a great impact on the industry through all of her accomplishments.

“I was fortunate enough to be able to learn from her and Dolph. I came up with her a bit in FCW. But seeing her really take off on the main roster, to see her become such a great character and talker, and be so memorable. She just was someone who had a very strong idea of who she was and who she wanted to be on screen.”, said Big E.

Big E  also respects her and considers her a friend. But he is a great fan of everything she’s done in the realm of mental health awareness. He adds:

“But I also think, if she wants it, of course, there very easily is a massive place for her.”, said Big E. “And it’s weird, I feel like she’s in this legend territory where she comes back and she gets a massive pop. She can have a Brock Lesnar type schedule if she wanted to and work a few times a year. So, if it’s something she wants, of course there’s a place for her.”

We will see if we get to witness Lee again in the ring just like how his husband made his dream pro-wrestling return at AEW.

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