Brock Lesnar Fan Surprise At AEW Leaks

If you are familiar with the deep side of WWE fandom, you will know exactly who ‘Brock Lesnar guy’ is. If you don’t, let’s take a look into him…Randy Orton Tweets AEW Star About ‘Gross’ Rumor.



In short, ‘Brock Lesnar guy’ is a superfan whose biggest claim to fame was being caught on camera marking out for Brock’s original return. The superfan now always has a front row area seat, wears the same shirt to be identified correctly, and does some crazy things in front of the camera for the world to see.

Not only has he been seen at WWE events, but he is now seen at AEW events. He has been spotted at AEW a few times, but since Covid restrictions – has not been seen for a bit before recently.

Many superfans have been talked about through the history of WWE. Some may remember ‘sign guy’ and others (maybe even more) remember Vlad who was always seen front row at WWE events. Vlad also was given special treatments by WWE and even had a short film on the legendary fan.

We will have to see if ‘Brock Lesnar guy’ ends up converting to just ‘AEW guy’ as AEW is yet to have a superfan of this caliber show up for every show.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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